If you´re looking for a professional vacuum packaging machine, this is your best option for preserving food at home, avoiding unnecessary waste, but also helps increase production and sales for small businesses with occasional demand. Thanks to its compact design, ease of use and professional vacuum.
Making it perfect for a small family business or if you need to pack your breakfast, snacks or store the leftovers. This model is all you need, it will fully satisfy your needs.

Empacadora al vacío A-PACK 300 de perfil
Empacadora al vacío A-PACK 300 de frente


  • With the new A-PACK 300 vacuum packer from Amerik Tools, you will have the perfect packaging and sealing for your food. It’s the best option for low demand production and counts with a 30 cm and 8 mm thick seal.

  • Machine dimensions (cm): 35x16x9 cm.

  • Net weight 2.5 kg.

  • Sealing time 1-9.9 seg.

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Pump capacity 0.035 MPa.