Blender ultraMIX-S


Soundproof cover series

UltraMIX-S has a special soundproof cover built of the same aircraft windows material. Being able to neutralize more than 80% of the noise, making it perfect for restaurants, bars, catering services and many more businesses.

Blender ultraMIX-S cover close

Ultra-quiet sound insulation cover, made of the same material as Boeing aircraft windows, durable and capable of neutralizing more than 80% of the noise.

Blender ultraMIX-S cover open

High-quality precision electronic control panel, builded with imported parts.

One-button start, easy to operate; The granular structure of the button surface greatly improves panel life and the touch.

Three different speed and time options are ideal for businesses with high demand of various food products.


  • It can be used with the sound proof (UltraMIX-S) cover or with the snug-fit sound proof (UltraMIX-S) cover.

  • It can be used with a 2 L round mug (UltraMIX-S), a 1.5 L square mug with a wide bottom (UltraMIX-S), or a 1.5 L square mug with a narrow bottom (UltraMIX-S).

  • The engine is assembled with high quality pieces that provide 3 super HP and maximum speed of 38,000 revolutions per minute, therefore, the food is well and finely processed.

  • The 304 stainless steel blade is non-toxic and anti-rust. Combining the high hardness with a sharp and blunt blade structure.

  • It can be used with the exclusive BPA Free series cups, made of EASTMAN Tritan plastic material, EU certified zero BPA. The material is resistant to drops, hits, acids and alkalis; which makes it really safe to use.