Ultrakold Twist

Maquinas de helado Ultrakold Twist

Ultrakold Twist

Floor model

This model has bigger size dimensions, ideal for business with high-demand production. The special microprocessor maintains the ice cream freshness and quality.

ULTRAKOLD TWIST- FLOOR MODEL is perfect for making light or low-fat ice cream. Due to its freezing cylinder (2-1.8L capacity). It easily adapts to ice cream shops, restaurants or fast food establishments.

Maquina de helado ultrakold twist

It has a high cooling system regulated through a microprocessor which helps control the temperature and ice cream consistency for a better quality result.

Ultrakold twist

The mix hopper capacity 2 (12.5 L) it also has a pre-cooling option that keeps the mix under 4.4°C.

Maquina ultrakold twist para helado

It has a special counter device that controls and records the number of dispenses per day.


Maquina de helado ultrakold twist
  • The engine has a 1.25 HP and the net weight is 225 kg.

  • The machine has a special “low mix” light that turns on to alert the operator to add more mix and prevent the cylinder from over freezing.

  • The standby option maintains the 2 mix hoppers, freezing cylinder and the mix below 4.4 °C during a long period of time.

  • The output 48 Liter/Hour (At 4°C Liquid & 24°C Ambient).

  • The agitator in the 2 mix hoppers, helps to have a better liquidity and keeps the mixture temperature more uniform.

  • It has a flexible blade beater, higher capacity, higher overrun and air pump.